XSSer 1.6b

XSSer (Cross site "scripter")是一款自动化渗透测试XSS漏洞的安全工具,专门用来检测和利用不同应用程序中存在的跨站脚本漏洞。它包含了一些选项用来尝试绕过特定的过滤器,并且具有特殊的代码注入技术。目前,XSSer更新至1.6b版,新版本主要改变如下:
* Added Drop Cookie option
* Added Random IP X-Forwarded-For an X-Client-IP option
* Added GSS and NTLM authentication methods
* Added Ignore proxy option
* Added TCP-NODELAY option
* Added Follow redirects option
* Added Follow redirects limiter parameter
* Added Auto-HEAD precheck system
* Added No-HEAD option
* Added Isalive option
* Added Check at url option (Blind XSS)
* Added Reverse Check parameter
* Added PHPIDS (v.0.6.5) exploit
* Added More vectors to auto-payloading
* Added HTML5 studied vectors
* Fixed Different bugs on core
* Fixed Curl handlerer options
* Fixed Dorkerers system
* Fixed Bugs on results propagation
* Fixed POST requests.

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