新型渗透测试系统-Parrot Security OS

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Parrot Security OS is a cloud friendly operating system designed for
Pentesting, Computer Forensic, Reverse engineering, Hacking, Cloud
pentesting, privacy/anonimity and cryptography. Based on Debian and
developed by Frozenbox network.

Who can use it

Parrot is designed for everyone, from the Pro pentester to the newbie,
because it provides the most professional tools combined in a easy to
use, fast and lightweight pentesting environment, and it can be used
also for an everyday use.



System Specs Debian-based system Custom hardened linux 3.16 kernel
Rolling release upgrade line MATE desktop environment Lightdm Dislpay
Manager Custom themes, icons and wallpapers System Requirements CPU:
x86 compatible processor with at least 800Mhz – non-pae processors
require a custom kernel (available via repositories) ARCH: i386
(x86-32bit) and amd64 (x86-64bit) supported – armel and armhf coming
soon RAM: At least 256Mb (i386) / 320Mb (amd64) – 512Mb suggested GPU:
No graphic acceleration required – propertary drivers installable via
repositories HDD: 8Gb required – 3.8Gb used BOOT: Legacy bios
(preferred) or UEFI (experimental) Pentesting Fresh & lightweight
pentesting environment Easy to use automation tools for beginners
Must-have professional tools for Pro Pentesters Custom tools developed
by our team External tools developed by our community Only a selected
set of tools is preinstalled out of the box Thousands of other tools
are available in our repositories Cloud Parrot Server Edition Parrot
Cloud Controller Custom installation script for Debian VPS Cloud
Pentesting concept for file hosting and remote distributed computing
Digital Forensic “Stealth” option at boot for no partitions or swap
mounting Most famous Digital Forensic tools and frameworks out of the
box Cryptography Custom Anti Forensic tools Custom interfaces for GPG
Custom interfaces for cryptsetup NUKE slots for cryptsetup LUKS disks
Encrypted system installation Anonymity AnonSurf Whole-system
anonymization DNS requests anonymization “Change Identity” function
for AnonSurf BleachBit system cleaner NoScript plugin
UserAgentOverrider plugin Programming FALCON Programming Language
(1.0) System editor tuned for programming Lots of preinstalled
compilers/interpreters/debuggers Reverse Engineering Tools Programming
Template Files Preinstalled most-used libs Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency-friendly environment Custom compiled wallets available
in our software center MultiBit Bitcoin-qt Litecoin-qt Feathercoin-qt
BitLira-qt Dogecoin-qt Zetacoin-qt Other wallets will be available as
soon as possible



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